Upcoming IPO 2023

This page contains the list of all upcoming IPOs of 2023. The table below is the 360* view of all information about an IPO like Ipo Name, Sector, Issue date, close date etc.

IPO 2023 table below contains information about the lot size and issue price and total investment for each and every IPO to make it easy for you to analyze whether the ipo is in your budget or not.

IPO 2023 list below also gives you the latest GMP so that you can get a fair idea of the listing price. You can even track the change in GMP by using the GMP details option right next to Current GMP.

IPO 2023 list below also provides you the overall subscription status of the every IPO. if you need subscription details at more granular level, please use the option right next to it.

As mentioned, the IPO list below is one stop solution for every IPO need. You can check financials of the company, allotment status and listing date right in this IPO table.

Below is the list of the as well as the exhaustive list of all IPOs of 2023-

Sr.noIPO NameSectorIssue Date Close Date Listing DateLot SizeIssue Price Total Investment Check FinancialsCurrent GMPGMP DetailsSubscribe Subscription DetailsAllotment StatusStatus
9Earthstahl & Alloys Limited IPO27-Jan-2331-Jan-2308-Feb-233000 shares₹ 40120000Earthstahl Financials17Earthstahl GMP6.05 timesEarthstahl Subscription DetailsUpcoming
8Adani Enterprises Limited Engineering and construction27-Jan-2331-Jan-2308-Feb-234 shares₹ 100400Adani Financials-20Adani FPO GMP0.01 timesAdani Subscription DetailsUpcoming
7Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals Limited Rubber25-Jan-2330-Jan-2307-Feb-234000 shares₹ 30120000Gayatri Financials0.5Gayatri GMP5.64 timesGayatri Subscription Details Upcoming
6Transvoy Logistics India Limited Logistics20-Jan-2324-Jan-2302-Feb-231600 shares₹ 71113600Transvoy Financials26Transvoy GMP184.34 timesTransvoy Subscription DetailsOpen
5Dharni Capital Services Limited Financial Services18-Jan-2320-Jan-2331-Jan-236000 shares₹ 20120000Dharni Capital financials3Dharni GMP6.57 timesDharni Subscription DetailsClosed
4Aristo Bio-Tech and Life science Limited Biotech and life sciences16-Jan-2319-Jan-2327-Jan-231600 shares₹ 72115200Aristo Financials36Aristo GMP217.72 timesAristo Subscription DetailsClosed
3Ducol Orgaincs and coloursPigment Dispersion9-Jan-2311-Jan-2319-Jan-23600 shares₹ 7846800Financials22Ducol GMP44.63 timesDucol Subscription DetailsCheck Allotment Closed
2Eastern Logica InfowayRetail5-Jan-239-Jan-2317-Jan-23601 shares₹ 225135000Financials4Eastern GMP1.74 timesEastern Subscription DetailsCheck allotmentClosed
1 Chaman Metallics LimitedSteel Producer4-Jan-236-Jan-2316-Jan-233000 shares₹ 38114000 Financials29Chaman GMP207.88 timesChaman Subscription DetailsCheck allotmentClosed